Kathleen Kinmont's Restorative Core Yoga
33 Ways to Embrace the Ground
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My parents, Jack D. Smith (84) and Abby Dalton (79), who also star in the video, have been my students for almost 10 years. As they have progressed in age, I've adjusted their practice to eliminate all standing and balancing postures.

As wonderful as yoga has been proven to be, it can also cause injury, if a person is pushed to a level that is dangerous and impossible. I've noticed this is not something an elderly person is interested in.I've also noticed that the covers of many yoga DVD's and classes around town, promote what I like to call, "Cirque De Soliel" yoga. It's quite intimidating to people who have never ventured into a class, or for the older generation, it just looks like a place for them to hurt themselves.

Through the evolution of teaching my parents, I noticed that they really excelled while they were on the ground, benefiting from all of the restorative postures. So I chose restorative postures that worked on core muscles, to increase strength and flexibility in the spine.

The chronic aching back is something almost everyone will experience as they age, so this DVD is really going to reach out to people who are getting older or for anyone who is suffering from back pain. It's been proven time and time again, that strengthening core muscles will help ease back pain and increase flexibility in the back. I don't know many people on the planet that won't benefit from this, and the numbers who will, is a hopeful state of mind.